Bank Exam in 2011 – CWE

Bank recruitment refers to hiring efficient and deserving candidates for various posts in a bank. Bank industry is highly flourishing in today’s times and requires good and skillful personnel to carry out various functions in the bank. Just like every field has various commissions appointed or bodies to conduct exams, the major recruitments in the banking sector are carried out by Institute of Banking Personnel (IBPS). This organization has been recruiting capable candidates for years now, and every year introduces new strategies to improve the recruitment procedure. This year, in 2011, it has come up with a new plan of conducting bank exams for the clerical posts and posts for bank po. There are 19 public sector banks involved in this exam, known as the Common Written Exam (CWE).

The CWE refers to a common exam that will be conducted by IBPS. It would be a platform for large-scale recruitment of personnel’s for bank po post and other clerical posts in the banks. There are 19 public sector banks who decided to volunteer for this exam. These banks are connected to IBPS and trust its recruitment strategies. IBPS has always been known for its efficient use of modernized technology and western models for the recruitments. It not merely recruits the individuals through outsourcing but also trains those, making them realize their potential and choosing the right job for them. Forms and syllabus material for the exam has been published earlier in this year, 2011. Candidates in strengths of thousands have already enrolled themselves for CWE. There have been many responses for CWE; some candidates consider it as a golden opportunity to exhibit their talent and skill on such a large platform where they can gain entry into 19 most prestigious public sector banks of India. However, there are some people who are unsure about such a large scale recruitment programme, and are doubtful about the efficiency of IBPS to carry out such a big role and recruit individuals based purely on their talent. Thus, there have been mixed reactions and since it is the first time, such a strategy has been introduced in the banking sector, gaining the trust of the people will be a task for IBPS.

The CWE (2011) thus would be like any other bank exam where you will have to answer questions from the syllabus provided to you. Current affairs would also be the focus of the question paper. The candidates who score high in this exam will be appointed for bank po posts and other clerical posts, if any vacancy arrives in the 19 public sector banks involved.


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IAS Exam – Question Papers

Today, there are many options for the youth to choose their career from. One such highly coveted option is of civil services. It is a government job that deals with carrying out various functions in different departments in the government. It offers a large variety of jobs, however the most popular amongst them is the IAS (Indian Administrative Exam). It is a high profile job which has become the buzzword in today’s times. You have to be exceptionally good in order to be a part of IAS. Its selection rate is very low and its expectations from the candidates are very high. IAS gives you money, power and privileges. It is very high in demand and realizes its importance; therefore the recruitment procedure adopted by IAS is very strict. There are prelims exam (also called CSAT) and mains exam which follow and interview session.

It is said that clearing IAS exam is close to impossible. IAS has adopted a recruitment procedure that is carried out almost throughout the year. Many candidates are not able to clear the IAS exam, even after appearing for the exam many times. Such is the grandeur of IAS that candidates do not lose hope and try every year in strength of thousands. Knowing that the selection rate is very low, they try hard to cut the competition and shine through. Many students leave respectable streams if they get to be a part of IAS. However, the question is, what makes IAS exam so scary? Why can’t some students clear it even after preparing thoroughly for years? It is because, IAS unlike other entrance exams, judges and tests various aspects of your personality. The questions in the exam vary from simple to very difficult. Your Intelligence Quotient has to be very high in order to clear all the three stages of IAS prelims, IAS mains and the interview round. The kind of questions asked are not confined to textual knowledge, but also include general awareness questions. They require good educated, socially aware beings who can handle the major responsibility of managing the bureaucracy. They aim at recruiting candidates who do justice to the job and power provided to them.

Thus, IAS exams are difficult but if you work hard and prepare well you can clear them. Once you are recruited, you can make changes in the society for its betterment. You will be recruited in various areas, based on your ranking in the merit list.


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When Breast is Not Always Best

In a woman’s life there are a few word couplings guaranteed to strike fear into her heart and mind; that cause her to rethink priorities and spend several long hours consumed with disbelief, fear, regret and anger. Let me try a few on for size for you.

Credit card (“surely I didn’t spend so much?!”) Root canal (“It’s really going to hurt, isn’t it”) Hang over (“why did I drink all that champagne?”) It’s over (“I can’t believe that creep broke up with me when I did so much for him!”)

Or this one. Breast cancer.

Cancer is not particular about how it selects its victims. There’s no protocol sheet or democratic voting system. It doesn’t base its assessment on looks, age, wealth or how well you did in your final English exam.

It pops on a blindfold, spins itself around and whoever it next touches it shrieks “you’re it” and that’s it.

About a year ago, I had this persistent ache under my left arm, near the side of my breast. Not so bad that I needed analgesics, but bad enough that it caused concern. Of course I ignored it. Of course I said nary a word to anyone. And of course I worried and allowed my over active imagination to run riot.

I performed breast examinations almost hourly and each time drew the same conclusion – what exactly is a breast supposed to feel like? I mean, I’ve never felt another woman’s breast, only my own, so I’ve nothing to compare it to. I had no idea how my breasts were meant to feel on a good day let alone a bad one. Dear God, please forward breast manual at your earliest convenience.

I asked a few males what breasts feel like and felt like an idiot when they replied “they feel great”. Doh.

It was nothing more than my fervent wish to avoid leaving my daughter motherless that led me to my doctor. She informed me that the pain under my arm was no more than muscular and that I should try to be a little less Lara Croft-ish when lifting weights.

Then she went on to say that she was more concerned, however, about a small lump that was no where near the offending ache, and that it should be “checked out”.

Hello Breast Clinic. Attire – unflattering wrap-around gown which conveniently comes in four sizes; large, larger, huge and tent. As much tea as you can drink and more magazines than bad outfits at the Oscars.

The first mammogram of my life was not an inspirational experience. Why not just lie down on the expressway and let cars drive over my breasts. I would not have thought it was physically possible to squash a breast to the thickness of a slice of bread. How wrong I can be.

It wasn’t so much this constant squashing, and getting my boobs handled by a stranger and flopping them on to cold x-ray trays. It was more the insensitive design element of the machine. There’s literally nowhere to put the rest of your body while your breast is being contorted.

This machine puts your boob in a vice-like grip and it’s up to you to put your body in some form of a holding pattern while the x-ray is taken. My face was jammed up against hard Perspex casing, my arms were draped on sharp corners of the machine, I’m naked from the waist up and the door to the room is open. Hello, I’m in hell.

Did a man design this? Who’s designing the machine that checks testicles for cancer? I want to be part of that creative team.

I also had to have a biopsy. “Oh it’s a very simple procedure,” the medical attendant assured me. I’m still trying to figure out how inserting a six inch needle directly into my breast is simple, but clearly that’s how it’s viewed. And I got to pay for the privilege. They even accepted Visa.

Fortunately the upshot was a cancer-free result. Just some sort of fatty tissue mass sort of thing. Whatever that is. All I knew was that there was no cancer.

Statistics say one in eight women will get breast cancer. If you have seven girlfriends who are cancer-free, go to the doctor now.

Bron McClain

Current Affairs in UPSC Exams

You talk about any competitive exam and you cannot miss out on general knowledge, if you have to clear the exam. It has become an unprescribed part of the syllabus of almost all competitive exams. Current affair questions give these exams are more challenging edge and raises their standard. In fact, there are certain fields, like the Law exam, where it has been formally declared that majority of questions would include current affairs. Have we ever questioned ourselves, why is general knowledge so important? why is it necessary to update ourselves with current affairs? Well, we just need to look around, we will get the answers. We need to stay aware, and without staying connected to the world around us, we cannot succeed in any field, be it professional or creative.

You all know it well that civil service is the most prestigious career option in today’s time. It is a dream to be a part of civil service. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts exams and interviews to provide a platform for the aspiring candidates to reach their dream. These exams are very tough and difficult to crack. One of the major compositions that make these exams even tougher is the current affairs. If you are not an avid reader of the newspaper, you can forget about getting anywhere even close to the civil services. Exams for all the services in civil services contain majority of questions about current affairs. Your knowledge about current affairs should not be limited to national affairs but should also deal with international affairs, politics, business, environmental issues, social evils etc. By making current affairs a part of their syllabus, UPSC aims to spread awareness regarding th importance of current affair sin our lives. In order to be working for the government, one must not merely be confined to textual knowledge, but should have a overview of the world around, the events that occur, etc. One should not only know his/her country but also be aware of its relations with the countries around, the problems prevailing in the society and be a part of the change.

Due to constant spread of awareness regarding current affairs, people have become active citizens. They have learnt to be a part of their country and take part in its decisions. UPSC also serves a similar purpose of recruiting a team of individuals who will be future representative of our country, who would stand as symbols of not merely textual knowledge but having a holistic approach towards life.


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Counterfeit Detection ? An Efficiency Tool for the Pharma Industry


Though it might appear easy, but counterfeit detection is not a very simple process.  For instance, let us assume the case of a laboratory analyst associated with a pharmaceutical brand, who has to spot the counterfeit in two pills. Post observing and analyzing both the samples, he chooses the real drug as a counterfeit.  The question that is pertinent here is that, how can medical and other biopharma companies guaranty consumers’ their safety.


Today the same is possible. There have been popular service providers that have come up with counterfeit solutions to help in the detection. The essential elements in this solution are listed below-

The solution searches the internet proactively for counterfeits and simultaneously applies human intelligence to ensure total data integrity

Enables pharmaceutical and medical organizations to bring down the percentage of fake drugs significantly in the market by recognizing syndicates and networks high volume counterfeits


Innovative counterfeit detection solutions procedures are equipped with high-end methodologies that help in the detection process in a various industries other than medical brands.


How does the Counterfeit solution work?

Potential customers and clients submit their product details to the service provider to create online search agents. The organization is concerned about these products as counterfeit or these products are likely to be case-sensitive in some way or the other. For instance, price details and so on. The criteria of suspect or concern are specific and individual for each industry.


Therefore, it means that in case of a high-tech industry goods and products that are sold at a high discount such as 50 percent and above, forms the suspects. It is radically different for the medical industry. The price here is not the prime concern. Rather, the suspects here are the percentage of products that are sold through unidentified channels. The solution applied here therefore recognizes the high volume counterfeits and suspects.


However, there are anti-counterfeiting solutions provided by renowned service providers that assists enterprises to objectify their enforcement attempts in the appropriate places and helps in bringing down the percentage of counterfeits. In addition to that, it helps in revenue generation; manage the brand reputation of your company in an organized manner that in turn leads to greater customer satisfaction.


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Why Learn About Breast Thermography

In a world of emerging technology, it isn’t always easy to know where to focus one’s time and energy. Which technologies will be the most useful? How do you know what will really be the best for the long term? These are difficult questions, and the truth is- there probably aren’t any concrete answers to them, because the medical field is constantly creating new tests and screenings. Maybe the best answer is to use the technologies that make it the possible for us to preserve health, by monitoring changes in the bodies tissues and overall health screenings, so that we can correct course before a serious condition arises or to help us to determine the best route to healing, these are the technologies that are the most worth our time.

Let’s take a look at breast thermography, as a great example. Through the use of thermal imaging, we can monitor breast health; this is a given. But, how effective and reliable is this technology? Early studies have sung its praises, but then later there was a claim that the technology was likely to turn up too many false positives to be a worthwhile technology. Further research showed that the majority these false positives were not in fact false positives, but rather so early on in the disease’s process that it was still undetectable through other means (the time difference between seeing heat changes and there actually being a physical growth or tumor is significant). But they also found that not every physiological change that tissue goes through actually develops into something of note, like a tumor or growth. But what thermography did was alert the doctors reading the results of areas in the tissue where there was activity; it provided no conclusive results of what the activity specifically was. But it does provide a way for doctors to be aware of areas that could become problematic well in advance of serious problems, and because thermography can provide a significant amount of time before something serious arises, it is possible to sometimes avoid a problem through lifestyle and health improvements.

For this reason, visiting a breast thermography center should be just one part of a comprehensive health and wellness whole. In no way should other means of detection be put away as old technology. Self exams remain to this day one of the most reliable means of catching breast cancer, even early on. Mammography is by no means perfect, but perhaps instead of saying that thermography is a replacement, we should look at it this way: should something in the breast ever develop, it could be monitored with thermography until such a time as mammography would be the appropriate course of action to provide further information, because breast thermography can detect the earlier changes in the tissue prior to a tumor growth. Just like in all all parts of life- when we all work together we accomplish a great deal more. Just as breast health and cancer prevention gets a big help from the partnership of breast thermography and mammography.

As we go about learning more about ourselves and our bodies, we learn to not assume that we know it all. Embracing technologies that help us gather information, such as breast thermography, can help us to learn more, and if we keep this in context, we have valuable tools on our side for navigating the world of health and well-being.

Thermography allows doctors to see changes in breast tissue long before mammography would detect anything. However, mammography is needed to get a conclusive answer if problems are found. But annual breast thermography screenings can allow your doctor to see any changes that have occurred in the tissue and in some cases can help to avoid tissue changes developing into a serious problem by making the appropriate health and/or lifestyle changes. To get the best information on thermography, or to start getting your annual breast thermography screenings Innovative Thermal Imaging,

Indian Administrative Exam by UPSC

Civil service offers many job opportunities for its applicants. All the jobs offered by civil services are high profile jobs, which not only provide a steady income but also ensure job security. One of the most coveted jobs offered by civil service is of an Indian Administrative Officer. Getting recruited for this post is a thing to be proud about; however it requires lot of hard work and dedication. IAS is very popular amongst the youth due to its lucrative nature and the stature and power the post attaches to itself. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is a commission which prepares the syllabus for all the civil services exams including the IAS and also conduct exams and interviews.

The job of an IAS officer is not confined to manage the bureaucracy. They can become efficient symbols of change in the society. They can contribute a great deal for the betterment of the society by putting the powers endowed to them, for a better use. It requires a lot of skill and competency to carry out the various responsibilities undertaken by an IAS officer. It is a world full of corruption; here qualities like will power and self control distinguish you from other corrupt officers who do not put their powers into the right cause.

It is due to responsibilities given to an IAS officer that UPSC has to be very strict and careful while choosing the candidates. They should ensure that the candidate chosen by them does justice to the post he/she will undertake. Therefore, the IAS exams and interview session are designed purposefully to deeply scrutinize various aspects of he chosen candidate and choose the best out of the lot. The syllabus is also prepared, keeping in mind the various areas where the candidate should be knowledgeable. While the IAS question papers test the individual’s textual knowledge, the interview session focuses on the general awareness level of the candidate. It is very important to know all the aspects of the candidates personality and his/her academic efficiency, before recruiting him/her for the most coveted post in India.

IAS exams are very challenging. UPSC designs the syllabus and later, the question papers in such a manner that only very high intellectual beings are able to clear the exam. The interview session further refines the candidates and chooses the most capable candidate. Once the candidate is selected, he/she undergoes rigorous training and finally gets posted based on the merit list ranking.


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Seattle Bed Bug Detection is the Best Way to Stay Safe from Parasites

Bed bugs are the insects that have been making a lot of nuisance, not just in Seattle; but in the complete United States. Every day, one case or another is being informed to the bed bug control agencies and they are well known for Seattle bed bug detection. A bed bug will take on human blood for around 5 to 15 minutes before it tends to get fully overblown, which more than triple in its size. This conversion has been known to cause misidentification as it becomes encircling in shape, which is somewhat different from its actually flat shape. In addition to this, when it is a grown-up it becomes brown in color, except for after feeding on a dark red hue because of the ingestion of human blood.

As a part of Seattle bed bug detection, numerous amounts of sprays is being applied that forces the bed bugs to come out of their hiding places. After the bed bugs are noticed, plentiful of efficient sprays are again used to kill them from roots. This also involves killing off the eggs or larvae too. It is an imperative task that is gaining fame not just in Seattle, but in the whole United States. In fact, this has become all the more a widespread practice to stay away from the crisis of bed bugs. In any case, no one would like to have restless nights just because of these non sense eerie creatures as they leave red marks are keep on creating burning all day long.

Seattle bed bug detection is a necessary stride towards eliminating these blood suckers from their roots. The major problem starts when these bed bugs make their dwelling in furniture or equally piece in a home and the female bugs lays eggs. This runs the peril of their quantity being burgeoned with trouble getting augmented. So, the Seattle bed bug detection is imperative to be carried out for grabbing these blood suckers and kill them as fast as probable. It is because they have the proclivity to spread at a greater speed and create mayhem. Well, these bed bugs are becoming a nuisance that spoils the night and frightens with the capacity to transfer bacterial infection.

One can buy a brilliant quality insecticide from their local home improvement store and pertain it to the exteriors and interiors of room furniture along side the couches, chairs or other furniture. This includes baseboards, window frames, and doorways also. Undeniably, one should steer clear of applications near or on mattresses, garments or bed linens s this may leave large red marks and stench that would not be strong for the children. While selling such sprays under Seattle bed bug detection, it must be taken care that the spray is non toxic and does not include any injurious chemicals. Apart from this, one should daily hygienically wash their rooms and bed bug infested areas with clean-up surfactants, so that the bed bugs may not bother their prey again.

Seattle bed bug detection is an imperative step for eradicating bed bugs and their eggs from the roots and safeguarding the home.

The author of this article is and environmentalist that has studied the affects of many household pest infestations and in particular, bedbugs. In this article, the author conveys the message that when it comes to irradiating the menace of bed bugs one should use the proven methods of Seattle bed bug detection.

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Safety Not Possible without Seattle Bed Bug Detection

Bed bugs are creepy crawlers that are famous as night riders and like celebrating on the blood of their prey (humans and animals) at the time when they are fast asleep. In fact, their feeding on one individual and forwarding to the other enhances the peril of bacterial infection getting transferred. With such a solemn matter, the necessity for carrying out Seattle bed bug detection process is vital. This would allow the sufferers by catching hold of bed bug through the use of chemically or naturally prepared sprays that force them for relinquish your residential castle. After all, taking a good nap is essential and bed bugs have no right to bother. Seattle bed bug detection is a necessary step towards exterminating these parasites from their roots.

The crisis of bed bugs perseveres a lot in the Seattle town of United States. And it is because of this reason that Seattle bed bug detection procedure has been strategized by the cleaning agencies. It is a well accepted fact that bed bugs have the propensity to feed on human blood and leave back red colored swollen itchy marks. So, this essentiates the need for carrying out a treatment process that would help the sufferers to stay away. Well, the treatment procedure talks about dealing with looking out the hiding points of these insects and the application of chemicals that would bring them in vanguard to be killed by another influential spray. This is the reason that Seattle bed bug detection agencies are being called upon for taking out the sufferers from the dark pit of such problems.

The plan behind use of green techniques by Seattle Bed Bug Detection agencies is to offer a safe convention system, which is coupled with no harmful results after the treatment is completed. As a method of principal weapon the bed bug sniffer dogs are used. The dog is a dutiful animal, which undergoes a broad all-round wide range of training. This complete mode of Seattle bed bug detection comprises of alarming the home owner about the bed bug infestation and their most major hiding place for eggs and young ones. Many of these services are just a call away for accessibility and come with a reasonable price too.

As a part of Seattle bed bug detection, the experts would help in searching these tiny insects and also their eggs that have the affinity to attach to the pets. And it is in this way that bed bugs might get an effortless entry in the house. Not just restricted to this menace, the bed bugs may also get wedged strongly to clothing or hide themselves inside bags. This can also create a tremendous embarrassed transportation system. Also the wild animals, typically birds, can bear these blood suckers onto their body because they fly from one place to another. These bed bugs have a natural bent to dwell themselves in beds or couches for hanging in close expediency to their preys; but, can also be located in vehicles or might be covered within your bedside impede.

Seattle bed bug detection is a necessary process that would deal with helping sufferers to stay away from the itchy problem of these bed bugs.


The author of this article is and environmentalist that has studied the affects of many household pest infestations and in particular, bedbugs. In this article, the author conveys the message that when it comes to irradiating the menace of bed bugs one should use the proven methods of Seattle bed bug detection.

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Food For Thought – Anti-Cancer Nutrition Tips

Every year, just under 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States alone. Outside of skin cancer, breast cancer ranks as the largest cancer risk factor for the American woman. Although several unchangeable elements contribute to diagnosis, including genetic predisposition, age and gender, experts suggest there are several simple everyday things that we can do to maintain an effective anti cancer nutrition regimen:

Know Your Fats!

Not all fats are built alike and some are even of benefit to your anti cancer nutrition regimen. Learn the difference between saturated fats (found in butter, meat, and cheese) and beneficial unsaturated fats (found in avocados, nuts, and seeds). Keep all fat intakes less than 30 percent of all calories eaten and keep saturated fats to a minimum.

Move that body!

Another important element when it comes to anti cancer nutrition is to get that body moving. A recent study revealed that women who committed themselves to challenging exercise for over six hours per week had an almost 25 percent reduction in breast cancer diagnosis risk. Even maintaining an active home and office regimen has been shown to decrease your risk, so get moving!

Watch that scale!

Research has shown that maintaining a healthy weight is a key anti cancer nutrition element to keep track of. Of importance in this area is your Body Mass Index, also known as BMI. Studies consistently show that women in healthy BMI ranges (less than 25) are thirty percent less likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer over an obese woman. In addition obesity leads to higher levels of estrogen, largely suspected to be a factor in breast cancer diagnosis.

Eat Alkaline!

No, this doesn’t refer to anything related to batteries, but the idea is not too far off the mark. The body is an enclosed entity just like a battery cell and at any given moment its alkalinity or acidity can be tested and quantified. The bottom line is that cancer cells originate, grow, and thrive in a low oxygen state. Acidic bodies (below pH of 6.5-7) are low oxygen. Conversely an alkaline body is one of the best cancer nutrition defenses that you can create. Cancer cells find it difficult to thrive in alkaline body with a pH greater than 7. With a pH greater than 8 cancer cells cannot exist!

To maintain alkalinity it’s important to remember that every food contributes to your body’s pH level. Acidic foods (white flower, sugars, coffees, soda, meats, and dairy, except cottage cheese) make your body more acidic. Conversely by eating more alkaline foods (raw fruits and vegetables) you maintain healthy alkalinity levels and in turn create a cancer free zone! Fast ways of increasing alkalinity include full body detoxes as well as holistic anti tumor, blood purifying herbal teas, such as Essiac.

With a little detail, a little effort, and a large dose of simple health tips, a daily regimen can go a long way towards creating a wonderfully effective anti cancer nutrition regimen!

Receive a free consultation from a dietitian with the American Dietitians for Health.

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