Modems in Early Movies

Modem is a device which helps to decode the transmitted information thanks to a carrier signal. However, in spite of being widely used today, not everybody knows the history of this device. Dates back to the 1920s, modems functioned as a way for teletype machines in order to allow communications over the telephone lines. It was not until the late 1950s when AT&T manufactured the mass-produced computer modem which was able to transmit 110 bits per second. Undergoing a historical period of development, companies have met the public\’s demand for ever-faster modem speeds and even wireless modems.  In spite of not demonstrating the rich history of modems, 1980s movies below have featured classic modems before we catch on modern technology.


“Brainstorm” (1983)

The scene is taken from the thriller movie “Brainstorm” in 1983. The researcher Michael Brace, as in the picture, was dialing to direct the robots to destroy the lab.


Electric Dreams (1984)

In the 1984 British-American comedy, the young architect Miles Harding bought a home computer which he knows nothing about. Later, Miles Harding, the artificially intelligent PC form love triangle with Miles\’ neighbor.


“Weird Science” (1985)

Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly in the 1985 American teen comedy film, attempt to create a perfect woman as the combination of a computer and a Barbie doll.


“The Net” (1995)

Angela Bennett was a computer expert who came across a web of corporate espionage.


“War Games” (1983)

In “War Games”, Hacker David Lightman got access to a military central computer which was confused between reality and game-playing. Specially, the military supercomputer could possibly start the World War III.


“Real Genius” (1985)

Chris Knight made a way into military\’s defense network to stop the usage of laser project as a deadly weapon.


“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (1986)

The high school wise guy Ferris Bueller decided to have a day off with his girlfriend Cameron. After that, Ferris Bueller hacked the school\’s network to change his attendance.



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Current Affair in Bank Exam

Current affairs are very important in our understanding of the world that we live in. They give us the picture of the world in a broader perspective. Our vision becomes much clearer and broader. They allow us to stay in constant touch with the “Real” world. Thus, we as human beings, should stay updated by by acquiring knowledge on the current affairs taking place around us. Current affairs also hold academic importance; their inclusion in the bank exams is a proof of their importance in today’s world. They demand thorough preparation of current affairs through mediums like quizzes, newspapers, radio, news channels etc.
One must have noticed that recently, the number of current affairs questions in bank exams have increased. This is due to the growing dependence of the world on current affairs. A person who is unaware of the things happening in his/her surrounding is often said to be unaware. A high level of vigilance is the pre-requisite for survival in today’s world. We can not confine ourselves to our private lives. We need to enter the realm of the outside world by disrupting the lines of privacy. This would be beneficial for us as we would get different perceptions on a common or general topic. Thereby, increasing our understanding and widening our perception. Bank recruitment is a stringent procedure. Candidates in strengths of thousands apply for a single post in a bank. Addition of current affairs adds to the competitive level, and ensures the entry of the best candidates available.
We can prepare for current affairs in the bank exams through various ways. Some of them are mediums which are easily accessible like newspapers, news channels, radio etc. Other mediums are not used on regular basis but provide great amount of information on various subjects. Quizzes are one such option which is highly educating and entertaining at the same time. You can gain current affair information on various subjects like political science, history, geology, science and technology etc.
Thus, if one plans to prepare for bank exams for any post, he/she should pay great emphasis on current affairs. Special attention should be paid to current affairs based on the banking industry and banking rules and regulations. Quizzes and newspapers can help you increase your current affair knowledge.


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Cancer Treatment ? Get Medical Treatment for Prostate, Breast Cancer

Medical treatment is improving rapidly. The uprising development of the science and technology, make the medical treatment easier than the previous age. It is now history, when disease are non curable. Or treatment is only registered for the upper class community of the society. Treatment is now affordable and more advanced than the previous era. There has been a massive explosion of life saving treatment in India, and also across the world.Also in the area of breast cancer treatment, many ways has come up and got a huge success.

Within few days, some latest discovery or invention in the world of medical treatment make huge success. And show a new way of success in this area. Doctors determine your breast cancer treatment on the basis of the type of breast cancer, and its stage. The cancer cells are sensitive or not? Also its depends on Overall health and patient’s own preference. The maximum number of patients chooses surgery for the breast cancer. Some are receive additional treatment, like, Chemotherapy, radiation, or hormone therapy.

Always it considers that to take an advice from other patients who already receive the treatment. Thus you will get little information about the surgery or other treatment process. There has a different type of surgery, such as, removing the breast cancer, removing the entire breast, removing one lymph node etc

Removing the breast cancer –  It is called lumpectomy. During this surgery, surgeons remove the tumor and give a small margin of surrounding healthy tissue. 

Removing the entire breast – It is called Mastectomy. In this simple surgery, the entire breast tissue removes from the body part.Removing one lymph node: This type of surgery is called as sentinel node biopsy. During this surgery, the effected lymph node removes by the doctor. Removes several lymph nodes, f the cancer is found in sentimental node; then surgeon removes additional lymph from the patient’s body part. Just like the breast cancer, heart disease is also very common disease among the present age people. Suffering from some heart disease is as common as morning bread butter.The term Heart disease generally refers to any disorder or condition of heart including hypertension, coronary heart disease, heart infection, cardiomyopathy and some other problem of heart.

The main reason of heart disease is consider the high cholesterol. And the symptoms are chest pain weakness etc.Now there are several heart disease treatment is developing with the development of advance technology and progressive research. Before the Treatment starts, there has to do a angiography, another one is cardiograph. After the report has come the treatment is starts to improve blood flow through your arteries. And the heart treatment is different types, such as angioplasty, angiotensin, bypass surgery, pacemaker install etc.

Prostate cancer is generally found among the older male person. This disease has some possible signs. And it is always advice to contact doctor during this problem. Prostate cancer treatment is also developing now days.To cure this problem, some tests and examination is always prescribed, such as DRE or digital rectal exam, prostate specific antigen test or PSA, biopsy, transected biopsy, and transected ultrasound.

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Breast Cancer Silicone Rubber Wristbands Can Help Cancer Victims

Breast cancer silicone wristbands are pink in color which is meant to create awareness and raise funds for cancer institutes and patients. With the help of these funds many poor patients have benefited who are now leading a happy life.

Now lets know what does this disease mean? Normally this occurs when cells in the breast divide and grow without normal control. Nearly 85% begins in mammary ducts, while about 15 percent arise in the lobules. Tumors in the breast grow slowly and it takes nearly 10 years to grow. But there are some tumors which grow much more rapidly.

According to a survey estimated new cases and deaths from this type of cancer in United States in 2010: There were nearly 207,090 new women patients who are suffering from this cancer and nearly 39,840 females have died. There are various reasons which are associated with increase in this disease among women including family history, advanced age and a personal history of breast cancer.

It can be treated by surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Treatment of this disease is very expensive which cannot be afforded by poor. In order to provide help, many institutes raise money by way of breast cancer silicone rubber wristbands.

Pink wristbands were created to support those who are undergoing treatment, those who lost their loved ones and to celebrate who have survived. There are many charitable organizations that promote this cause. Many people cannot give lot of money but they want to help cancer victims. One best way is to buy silicone rubber wristbands which supports these types of cancer. Teenagers buy this wristband as they benefit in two different ways: one is raise funds for the cause and second it becomes a fashion statement.

Breast cancer silicone rubber wristbands are very cheap and can be purchased by everyone. Many people from teenagers, adults, school teachers, executives have started supporting this disease. What started with pink color pins have moved into breast cancer bracelets? Some popular wordings that can be embossed or debossed on the bands are “support, knowledge and strength”. Many other statements include “hope, faith, love; think pink; live long” etc. Many celebrities have come forward to help those affected.

Silicone wristbands are available in Wristbands start at a dollar. It doesnt take much to show you care, and you support this great cause. You will notice breast cancer silicone bracelets are available in different styles. They are de-bossed, swirled, printed, segmented, color-core, color-filled etc. They are comfortable to wear and rarely irritate the skin.

Nowadays many business organizations also sell such a kind of wristband to raise funds for research and to shop their support to patients. These bands can be purchased by schools, churches and teams. Purchase a wristband now and help those affected.

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Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Oakland and Berkeley, CA Breast Cancer Treatment Options (02): How the Disease Spreads Video for Women Newly Diagnosed with…
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Praxis 2 Exam Test

Praxis 2 tests are subject exams that assess the job readiness of prospective educators within their academic fields. Unlike Praxis 1 exams, which evaluate the basic academic skill levels of teaching candidates in math, reading, and writing, each Praxis 2 test targets a specific field of education. There are over 125 different Praxis 2 tests. There’s a Praxis 2 exam in every imaginable academic area, including agriculture, biology, Braille, chemistry, driver education, early childhood, French, German, gifted, health, Latin, math, physics, reading, social studies, Spanish, special education, theater, vocational education, and many other fields. There is a Praxis 2 test for school psychologists, reading specialists, art teachers, speech-language pathologists, counselors, music teachers, and principals, as well as other education professionals.


Many states require that educators pass the Praxis 2 test in their particular teaching field in order to obtain an endorsement in that field on their state teaching certificate. Prospective junior and senior high school agriculture teachers in California and Oregon, for instance, must pass the Praxis 2 Agriculture Test (Code 0900). Likewise, teachers who wish to obtain an endorsement in PK-3 or PK-6 in Virginia must pass the Praxis 2 Elementary Education: Content Knowledge exam (Code 0014/5014) with a score of 143. Those who are interested in teaching all grades of English in New Jersey are required to pass the Praxis 2 English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge exam (Code 0041) with a score of 162.


Passing scores for each required Praxis 2 test vary from state to state. If you would like to know the Praxis 2 exams and test scores that are required where you intend to teach, visit your state’s department of education online. Your state’s department of education website will not only provide you with information about the  Praxis I and Praxis 2 tests required in your school district, but it will also provide you with information about other state requirements that affect your certification.


If a Praxis 2 test is required for certification in your teaching field, be sure to prepare before your exam date. Read as much as you can about the test that you’re required to take. Exam descriptions, practice tests, sample questions, scoring guides, and other valuable information about each Praxis 2 test is available online. In addition to learning about the test that’s required for licensure in your academic field, also be sure to review the subject matter. Many Praxis 2 preparation options are available to you, including study groups, private tutoring, and self study with a Praxis 2 study guide. To find a Praxis 2 tutor, check online tutoring services. Most will allow you to browse their tutor databases at no cost. Once you find the Praxis 2 tutor who seems right for you, contact him or her directly to arrange your first tutoring session. While some Praxis 2 tutors provide in-home tutoring, others tutor online, which is particularly convenient for busy students and teachers.





Praxis 2 Tests are subject exams which assess the job readiness of educators with in their respective academic  fields. It helps teachers choose the right Praxis 2 test prep guides as they prepare for Praxis II exam Test.

An OBGYN in Long Beach, CA explains about breast cancer, the risk factors, and how to do a breast exam.
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Early Case Assessment Lifecycle

Early case assessment is an important aspect of the electronic Discovery process that helps considerably in reducing litigation costs. It is simply the process of evaluating the costs, time, and risks involved for the defense or prosecution in a litigation case when early suspicion of litigation arises.

The early case assessment lifecycle covers:

Risk-Benefit Analysis
In early case assessment, the first step is to perform a risk-benefit analysis. The analysis is done to find out whether the amount of benefit outweighs the amount of risk. To be more precise, the risk-benefit analysis helps in estimating the winning ratio. Based on this, companies decide whether to fight the case in court, settle the case before the trial, or opt for an out-of-court settlement.

Legal Hold on Potentially Critical Documents (both paper and ESI)
Once an audit, litigation, or investigation is anticipated, the organization or enterprise issues a communication putting on hold all the normal processing of records such as archiving media, backup tape recycling and so on in order to avoid evidence spoliation. A legal ediscovery hold therefore is the process of preservation and retention of all forms of relevant data until the case is formally settled.

Collate Relevant Information for Attorney and Expert Document Review
During this stage, relevant information is sent to an attorney for document review. Document review is a task performed by attorneys to evaluate the importance and/or responsiveness of documents. The assessment of the relevance of documents is done by using the knowledge pertaining to the facts of the case and issues of the law.

Process Relevant Information
The relevant information is then processed for purposes of filtering, searching terms, or data analytics. During this stage, relevant data is filtered and analyzed to isolate information that is more useful, thereby reducing the size of the data considerably

* Information Hosting for Attorney and Expert Document Review, Commenting, Redaction

The processed data is then reviewed by the attorney, which is sometimes called privilege review or second level review. During this review, the attorney looks for information that is confidential and classified. Since the document is relevant/responsive and needs to be provided to the opposing party, the confidential information is redacted by blacking it out. The comments and redaction are done by the attorney not to the original document but to its copy, which is usually a TIFF or PDF file.

Provide Documents to the Involved Parties in the Case
The reviewed documents are then shared with the opposing parties involved in the case.

Reuse Information for Future Litigations
These details are then retained to be used for future litigation software Though the early case assessment lifecycle typically includes all these stages, it is subject to change depending on the case and the client involved. There are various early case assessment tools available that help in performing early case assessment quickly and accurately; with the right tools, cases can be assessed in a matter of days instead of months.

legal disclosure
electronic evidence discovery

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Studying for Exams

The period before your exams can be a very stressful time and knowing that your exams will affect your grade point average can make you very anxious. To reduce your stress and anxiety, you should know how to study efficiently and be adequately prepared. The following are the key points for successful exam preparation.

Firstly, you should pay close attention and concentrate when in class. Everything that is tested during an exam is first taught in the classroom. If you do not attend class frequently, or just pay no attention to what the teacher says in the class, you will surely miss important information.

After your classes, when you revise the lessons for exams, have paper and a pen handy for taking note of the main points and important information while reading. Taking notes is very useful because you will think before you write something and your brain will automatically memorise it. It is stored in either the short-term or long-term memory depending on how much attention you pay and how many times you revise it. When noting, you should write ideas in your own words; this will help you understand the lessons better. Another good thing about taking notes is that you do not need to read everything again for the next revision. You can read the notes taken in order to recall the lessons.

In addition, you have to know what kind of exam it will be so you can arrange the way you will study. If it is a multiple-choice exam, it would be better to find old exams from the library or exercises to test yourself. This way, you can pre-evaluate your knowledge and correct yourself, as there are usually correct answers or even explanations available. If not, you can still find the answers in your textbook. If it is an essay exam, you must study detailed information. This kind of exam frequently tests your ability to memorise details and organise your ideas. It is a good idea to identify the main topics and try to write the essay from these topics. If you do this when studying rather than waiting until you are sitting the exam, you will have more time to organise your ideas and check if you missed any important information.

Your surroundings are also important when you are studying. It is likely that you will not be able to focus on your study if there is noise or any disturbance. You may end up paying attention to other things that are distracting you. You should find a quiet place with a comfortable chair and table but you need to ensure that it is not too relaxing as you may fall asleep! Lighting should be adjusted to be suitable for reading so that your eyes will not experience strain.

If you follow the advice above, passing your exam with a high score will not be too hard for you!

Dr Lisa Lines is the Director and Head Editor of Elite Editing. She is a qualified academic and writer, and has been an editor for over twelve years. She provide online academic editing and thesis editing for academics, postgraduates and students worldwide.

IAS Exam Question Paper

Civil Services offer wide options of job opportunities. All the jobs offered by Civil Services of India are high-notch jobs and are highly coveted in today’s time. One such job opportunity is the post of Indian Administrative Officer (IAS). An IAS Officer undertakes the responsibility of managing the bureaucracy. A very tough procedure precedes the final recruitment. One has to undergo challenging exams, almost throughout the year to finally reach the interview stage and then get recruited. The exams are divided into IAS prelims and IAS mains which ensure entry of the best candidate.
You are aware that IAS exams are considered the toughest. One has to prepare thoroughly in order to score well. Candidates in strengths of thousands appear for this exam; however the selection rate is very less. Due to the demand of IAS as a career choice, the question paper standards are set very high and only the most deserving candidates are able to clear the exam. There are many students who try 2-3 times in order to finally clear these exams. So what makes these exams so difficult?
The exams continue for almost an year. Since these exams are divided into two stages, IAS prelims and IAS mains exam, the commencement of the two stages takes almost an year. This means, you have to dedicate an entire year for the preparation.
The Questions are not confined to academic knowledge. In both, IAS mains and IAS prelims and even in the interview round, a large portion of questions consist of current affairs of India.
Also, if you have prepared well but your Vocabulary is limited, you are unprepared. It is very important to extend your vocabulary as much as you can because there is a specific section that consists of Vocabulary.

You have to start preparing for the IAS mains exam, before he IAS prelims because after the result of IAS prelims exam is announced, you will not get enough time to prepare for IAS Mains. However, you are only eligible for IAS mains if you clear the IAS prelims exam.
There is a lot of hard work and dedication that precedes the recruitment level, however, the result is worth all the efforts. An IAS officer is looked upon by all the others and gives you a sense of pride and stature. You have to give equal importance to both the IAS prelims and IAS mains exam and prepare thoroughly. After, vigorous training, the recruited candidates are strategically posted to different parts of the country based on their rank in the merit list and their capabilities.


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